De Imagerie / Projecten / Visite Aug’19 / 05.08.2019

MON 05.08.2019
Het Bos, Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerpen
Food 18h - Films 20h30

BARBARA PRADA - ‘Recapitulation Space’ (lecture / performance)

+ film of choice

Images from ‘Recapitulation Space’

Images from ‘Recapitulation Space’


Info about ‘Recapitulation Space’’

This work is inspired by an old shamanic liturgy called the recapitulation ritual. The visitors are welcome to remember in detail lived events, those which they want to dissipate. The aim is to connect oneself with a state of quietude that gives access to another condition of the self. The scene frames a golden triangle, evoking three female narrators walking in the space, welcoming, guiding and exposing the ritual. One of them will give you a warm potato container sauced with the memories left by the previous visitors, to relieve the feeling of dispossession and continue with the cyclical Retrofeeding of the human, non-human and artificial existence. This symbiosis will create an explosive holism of noises coming out of an unpredictable open pot, that will transform the scenario into a new specular light landscape, where the visitors always can come back to gain clarity and vanish in it.