De Imagerie / Projecten / Visite Aug’19 / 04.08.2019

SUN 04.08.2019
Het Bos, Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerpen
Food 18h - Films 20h30

ANS MERTENS - ‘Sunday’ (avant-premiere) & LINA LARAKI - ‘PLANT.MOV’ (avant-premiere)

+ film of choice

Still from ‘PLANT.MOV’

Still from ‘PLANT.MOV’


Ans Mertens - ‘Sunday’ (2019, 10’)

Set in a natural reserve ‘Sunday’ treats the frame as a path, guiding the spectator’s eye like the wanderer is guided along sights.However, the frame hits the tension between the rough landscape of the heather and its cultivation. 

Lina Laraki - ‘PLANT.MOV’ (2019,20’)

After all human life disappeared from earth, a plant recalls its dream about a contemplative 'last observer'. The dream is cinéed to us by a bored artificial intelligence. A dystopian narrative tries to reconnect us to possible lost affects.